Must be able to work with service providers, foster families, and agency staff on a daily basis. This is a full-time position, with some late hours required. Applicant must be able to pass a background check & FBI fingerprint successfully. Applicant must also have their own vehicle and insurance.

The ideal candidate should have excellent skills in the areas of organization, interpersonal office etiquette, computer usage, and Microsoft office suite. Must be able to effectively deal with stressful and challenging circumstances.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the health, safety and well being of the foster parents assigned to agency youth through monthly foster home monitoring, foster home technical
    assistance and training.
  • Manage a foster parent caseload of no more than 15 youth.
  • Maintain a 60% / 40% split between their direct contact hours and additional hours.
  • Maintain weekly contact with each assigned foster parents for a minimum of 1-3 hours depending on the level of the youth within the
    program. This also includes two written contact notes each month for each contact spent with foster parents.
  • Develop activities with the foster parents to assist with their foster care children which directly correlates to goals & objectives in the youth’s treatment plan.
  • Determine the level of learning the child has achieved on targeted goals and objectives,based on the interactions during the session.
  • Maintain a monthly minimum contact with foster parent to coordinate services, activities, and to discuss and implement interventions.
  • Collaborate with clients, parents, caretakers in coordinating a consistent schedule between children and foster parents.
  • Work with the foster care family on transition issues for when a child is transitioning to a different foster care home, back to their biological home
    or to any other type of placement.
  • Establish a working relationship and rapport with foster care clients and families.
  • Assist in maintaining the child in his/her foster care home.
  • Assist foster parents in learning and implementing appropriate strategies to assist the child(ren) in making the outlined progress toward the goals and
    objectives on their individualized treatment plan.
  • Assist the foster parent in completing additional documentation such as medication logs, clothing inventories, and incident reports.
  • Provide support to the foster parents in collaboration with other foster care team members; this support may include crisis calls and
    attending meetings.
  • Assist in setting up respite for the foster parents.
  • Assist in moving children to new foster homes if disruption occurs and assist the foster parent and child in acclimating to the changes.
  • Assist the client and foster family in obtaining and identifying goals.
  • Provide planned interventions (teaching, coaching, practicing, role-modeling, affirmation, etc.) based on the foster care individualized treatment plan.
  • Maintain a strengths-based approach while working with clients and families to assist in the retention of dignity and the development of positive
    intrinsic qualities.
  • Secure funding for special activities and additional clothing or personal needs.
  • Provide the necessary outcome measures information to Treatment Director Child Placement Management Staff.
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries and confidentiality with clients and families as well as all team members involved in a particular case.
  • Adhere to the strict confidentiality policies individualized in the employee manual, as well as all of the other policies and procedures.

If you are interested in joining the Faith Works! family, please email your resume to