Service Learning Project

UPDATE, AUGUST 4, 2016 3:31PM: Service Learning Project has been cancelled for Friday, August 5, 2016.

To the Parent’s & Guardian’s of Heritage Keepers; thank you for allowing your child to take part in the Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education program. Your child has the chance to be involved in something beyond and greater than themselves which is, Service Learning. Service Learning IS Community Service. However, instead of only volunteering time, YOUR child is in control to strategize and execute a collective vision, followed by passionately volunteering their time in service to aid towards their community. For the first week of August, your youth will brainstorm, plan, and implement their vision at the offices of Faith Works! Incorporated; located at 1801 North Hampton Road, Suite 380, DeSoto, TX 75115. These dates include, August 1 and August 3 from 9AM – 4PM, and August 5 from 1PM – 5PM. Thank you for consistently being apart of your child’s growth and consciousness of themselves as a Heritage Keeper.

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