Spring Break Schedule


Personal family fun day! Send in pictures of how you are your family started off the Spring Break week!



Faith Works! is having a fun day out with the youth currently in care who are 13+. Parents may drop off youth with Faith Works! staff at the ticket booth who fit this criteria at 10AM. Parents who are dropping off and not staying for the event must promptly pick up youth no later than 4PM. This is the only day that youth may be dropped off with Faith Works! staff. Please give each youth $20 for personal use within the park. Faith Works! will be providing lunch for the youth 13+ that are currently in care and sponsoring their entrance into the park. All Faith Works! families are welcome to join along as a family event.



Faith Works! is hosting a zoo day at the Fort Worth Zoo for all ages from 10AM Р3PM. Faith Works! will be sponsoring the entire family this day. Lunch will also be provided by Faith Works!


Thursday’s event has been cancelled due to a lack thereof RSVP’S. We still have one more day to have a great time!


Friday’s event has been cancelled due to thunderstorms within the DFW. Please be safe and email any pictures taken to faithworks@faithworksinc.us of your 2016 Spring Break!

If you have any question or concerns, please leave a comment below!

14 thoughts on “Spring Break Schedule

    1. Greetings Mr. Pruitt! Ages 12 and under may join with a parent in attendance. We have a family attending with two three year old’s and a 7 month, however the parent’s are also staying with their youth in the park. We would love to have you join us, and we also have much joy from you being impressed. Thank you!

    1. You can contact your case manager, and if you can not reach them please call the office at (972) 293-2500 and ask to speak Kali. Or you can ask through this comment section.

  1. I have a child in care but would like for my son to join in the activities. If I’m willing to go can he tag alone?

    1. All children in your family are welcome to come. All we ask is that you as parent’s be able to attend, and you are doing just that; so we can’t wait to have fun with your family as a whole.

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