Baby Moses’ Story

Faith Works!: Tell me about yourself.

Swanda Smith: I am a current foster mother along with my husband at Faith Works! We currently foster 3 little boys. We are in the process of finalizing an adoption February 2016 of our youngest foster son, and if our other foster sons are up for adoption, we will adopt them as well. I’m 31 years old, and currently enrolled in school pursuing my Bachelors of science degree in business management. I’m expecting to graduate in 2017. I am a Lay Minister at my church, trustee, youth director, and secretary. I have been married 7 years with my husband for 12. I’m a daddy’s girl, I love children, I’m easy to along with, very loving, honest, trustworthy and dependable.

Awesome! Can you tell us how you and Mr. Smith met 12 years ago?

He had been working at Dawson State Jail for sometime and I had just came out of training to my shift. He worked the night shift to my day shift. Every morning I came into work, he would be somewhere waiting on me to look at me; and every evening I left, he would be on the elevator. One morning he was at the front waiting on me and I needed to move my car, he asked if he could walk me to my car we exchanged numbers and here we are 12 years later.

Awesome! Upon meeting and getting married. What were you all’s plan for a family?

Upon getting married he had dreams of going to the police Academy and I was going to be a paralegal. Once we got married and got older we focused our plans to be homeowners and have children. He ended up getting his CDL and I started working at Verizon. We thought it would work our but God said different.

That’s awesome! How many children did you guys desire?

As many as God blesses us with.

That’s beautiful! So with that being said, you all didn’t mind having what is considered today a blended family?

No of course not. Especially coming into a relationship with someone who already had 4 children and I had none. I love those kids unconditionally, as so the 3 little boys we are fostering.

How does it feel to be apart of a blended family?

Wonderful! I enjoy every moment. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So thankful to God.

What made you and your husband consider foster care?

I was told that I would never get pregnant without in vitro but God prove the doctors wrong in 2013 when I found I was pregnant. But 3 days later I had a miscarriage. Then a few months later I had surgery to correct the problem. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a positive pregnancy test since. So we decided we were going to trust God, but also be a blessing to children now that need us just as much as we need them in giving all this love we have.

We thank you for being apart of Faith Works! Whenever you and your husband applied to be a foster parents, did you all have any intentions of adopting?

No. It wasn’t until we had interest in a beautiful little girl within the agency, that we found out and then knew that foster parents could adopt. Now that we know we can, OH BOY!!!

Although you all knew that beautiful little girl was up for adoption. Unfortunately she was already in process of being adopted. How did it feel when you all found out that you all were not going to be able to adopt her?

Devastated!!! I literally cried at the office. But you’ll more than made up for it you opened the door for God to bless me with my Liam.

Did you all feel any different regarding fostering after not being able to adopt that beautiful little girl?

No. I was just hurt and disappointed but it did not make me feel any differently.

Understandable, and we hate that you cried. We felt so bad that you all missed out on the chance to adopt that beautiful little girl. However, shortly after missing that opportunity to add her to you all’s family, the agency received a Baby Moses case, which is very rare and saddening. We called you all immediately and after we did not think we had a fighting chance, we still sought out for Baby Moses for your family. What were you thinking when you received a call from the agency regarding Baby Moses?

I was in shock at first. I couldn’t believe out of all these people, we were chosen. But, I know the God I serve and what I prayed for had been answered. When God things happen and we can’t believe what’s happening, we give God all of the glory and honor. August 18, 2015 was the day our life changed for great.

If you don’t mind me asking, what were you all praying for that God answered?

To one day be someone’s mommy.

You are such a great mother and we are glad that you chose to be so with Faith Works! If you don’t mind, can you tell me about your experience with Faith Works?

I love Faith Works! I love the unity, love, affection, personal attention and that I’m treated like family. I can always count on them and I know that they will always be there. Faith Works is my family.

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