Foster Today!

Join the fight against child abuse by healing the innocent victims. In 2015, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to provide over 300 children with temporary care in a safe foster family home. In 2016, you can help in continuing to provide safe homes by becoming a foster parent with Faith Works!

What Is Foster Care?

According to the Department of Family and Protective Services, foster care is, "a temporary home for children until a permanent living arrangement is found whenever children safety is compromised. When children can't live safely at home and no appropriate non-custodial parent, relative, or close family friend is willing and able to care for them, the court can give temporary legal possession to CPS. CPS temporarily places these children in foster care. Foster care settings include: Foster family homes, Foster family group homes, Residential group care facilities, and Facilities overseen by another state agency. Foster care is meant to be temporary until a permanent living arrangement is found. However, it can become permanent - usually when a foster parent adopts or accepts permanent managing conservatorship of a child. CPS strives to ensure quality services for children in foster care. However, children in foster care may have to change placements several times while in foster care due to a variety of factors such as licensing standards violations, court rulings, or changes in the foster home or facility. CPS has a variety of initiatives designed to increase placement options to better match the needs of each individual child." At Faith Works!, the needs of the whole child are addressed and continuously monitored by a treatment team who sees the child as an individual and also as a member of a community. We strive to develop a 'quilt of care,' to wrap around each child that incorporates the loving nature of a family environment in the least restrictive setting, along with the treatment of professionals and programs that can both understand and manage the needs of each child to facilitate their journey toward wholeness.

Here’s How You Can Help


Become an everyday hero for 1 of the thousands of children in Texas whose parents are not able to care for them due to abuse and/or neglect.


Donating to Faith Works! supports a child’s healing process by providing them with what all is needed for a second chance in a safe environment.


Volunteer opportunities are always available at Faith Works! for those interested in giving back with the needed and valuable resources of your presence and time.

Change the World, One Child at a Time

Faith Works! believes in the power of one. There’s actually no shortage of stories about how one person, one moment, one movement, one action, or one word can make an enormous difference. In our own life journeys, we’re sure to have such examples; and yet for many people, with the demands of work and home, the seemingly increasing pace of life, and the scope of issues on the world stage, it can too easily make us question just how much difference one person can make. So we challenge you now to also ask yourself, “What can I do?” We challenge you to stop looking outwardly and begin to bring your attention closer to home, to your own life, your own mind, body, and spirit. Such a concept is aligned with Gandhi’s statement, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” What change do you wish to see in this world? How can you become a change agent? We welcome you on the journey to change the world, one child at a time.

Our Services

Faith Works! is licensed by, and contracts with the State of Texas, to provide child care, therapeutic, and additional services for abused and neglected children.

Child-Care Services

Services that meet a child’s basic need for shelter, nutrition, clothing, nurture, socialization and interpersonal skills, care for personal health and hygiene, supervision, education, and service planning.

Transitional Living Services

A residential services program designed to serve children 14 years old or older for whom the service or treatment goal is basic life skills development toward independent living. A transitional living program includes basic life skills training and the opportunity for children to practice those skills. A transitional living program is not an independent living program.

Respite Child-Care Services

Respite Child-Care services are a planned alternative 24-hour care that has the purpose of providing relief to the child’s primary caregiver.

Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education

Heritage Keepers® Abstinence Education is an evidence-based sexual education curriculum recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as proven to delay teen sexual debut.

Supervised Visitation Services

Supervised visitation services are required authorized visits between a child and his or her parents or other caregivers.